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Let’s Talk About Pink Eye

With the cold and flu season in full swing, it can feel like you are spending more of your time sniffling in bed than actually out having fun. And because both of these problems are viral, it’s easy to get sick by simply breathing in the air of somebody sick who’s around you. With other […]

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How to Tell If You Have Pink Eye

Like one of those things that will make your coworkers want to stand a mile away from you and will make your kids gasp in disbelief, pink eye or conjunctivitis is a very common virus that anybody can get. So, with cold season upon us and just about everyone you know coughing into their sleeve […]

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The 4 Step Guide to Using Eye Drops

There are few things that may frighten you more than having to touch your eye; a bed full of spiders and mouth full of worms included. If you have allergies, chronic dry eye, or some sort of eye infection, one of our doctors at Wilkinson Eye Center may prescribe you with a prescription strength eye […]

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