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See Into the New Year With Better Vision

There’s no better time of year than the new year to create a list of resolutions. And although weight loss or healthy eating habits may top your list, don’t forget about other areas of your body like your eyes. See into the new year with better vision with these easy tips. Remember, You Are What […]

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Eye See You: The Truth Behind Intraocular Cancer

Nobody likes to hear the “c-word” and you wouldn’t wish it on anyone— even your worst enemy. However, as one of the most common forms of death in the United States, it’s safe to say that you or someone close to you will get diagnosed with a form of cancer at some point in your […]

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How to Fight Digital Eye Strain

Swipe right. Like my photo. Get more followers. If all of these phrases have become a large part of your vocabulary, you’re certainly not alone. As a part of our society that we are dependent on now more than ever, technology has changed the way that we think and learn. And although the Internet, smart […]

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3 Unique Ways Protect Your Little One’s Eyes From Sun Damage

Getting a two-year-old to wear sunglasses is like trying to wrestle a bobcat— virtually impossible. However, if you are planning on spending most of your time outside this summer, it’s important that you take a few preventative measures to protect and shield your little one’s eyes from the sun. To help you keep your child’s […]

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How to Speak 20/20: What Your Eye Exam Results Are Telling You

Everyone thinks that perfect vision is 20/20, but few people know what these numbers are about. When you come into Wilkinson Eye Center for your yearly eye examination, you will leave with not only a prescription for lenses, but you will also leave with a paper that discusses your vision as well. This article will […]

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3 Signs That Your Child May Have Strabismus

Taking care of a child is a lot more than ensuring they don’t run out in front of the street or touch a hot burner on the stove. In fact, taking care of a child involves always being aware of what is their normal and what is something to be more wary of. As a […]

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3 Reasons to Visit the Eye Doctor Every Year

You know that you’re supposed to visit the dentist every six months for a cleaning and checkup, and that you’re supposed to visit your primary care provider once every year for a physical. However, did you know that you are also supposed to visit your eye doctor once a year as well? From updating your […]

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