3 Bad Habits that are Damaging Your Vision

eye careWith juicing, eating organic food, and exercise trends like HIIT workouts taking precedence over video games and McDonald’s, healthy living has never been more on trend. As a part of your body that often gets neglected, it’s important that you are taking equally as good of care of your eyes as your body. By avoiding habits such as eye rubbing and sleeping in your contacts, you can make sure your vision remains strong and healthy. Read on to learn more.

Eye Rubbing

If you’ve ever held a baby, you know that one of the indications that they are tired is when they rub their eyes. And although eye rubbing may feel good on tired eyes, it can damage them. By placing an undo of pressure on your eyes every time you rub them, if you are in the habit of rubbing your eyes multiple times a day, you can cause permanent eye damage.

Staring at the Screen for too Long

With smartphones and tablets in just about everyone’s hands at every point of the day, it can be hard to escape staring at your screen. However, by causing strain on your eyes, staring at the screen can result in things like blurred vision and headaches. To give your eyes some relief, try to look away from your screen a few times every hour for 30-second intervals.

Sleeping in Your Contacts

It’s easy to get into bad habits like sleeping in your contacts. And unless you wear hard contact lenses, you should only be wearing your contacts during the day. Because soft contact lenses aren’t meant to be worn for an extensive amount of time, they can cause your eyes to become sore and dry out, contributing to things like chronic dry eye.

Breaking a habit can be hard to do, but when it comes to your health, bad habits are always worth getting rid of. To learn more about your vision health or to schedule an eye exam, contact Wilkinson Eye Center



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