3 Costumes to Enhance that Eye Patch

eye patchDoes your child have amblyopia? Does one of their eyes tend to drag to one side and have a hard time staying focused? Amblyopia or lazy eye syndrome, is a condition that can affect children of all ages without any sort of genetic predisposition. Luckily, by simply placing an eye patch over your child’s “good eye” you can help train their other eye to look straight and remain focused. But as an accessory that can make your child uncomfortable or feel self-conscious, an eyepatch isn’t something most children want and desire. But with Halloween lurking around the corner, you can help to enhance your child’s eyepatch and make them feel especially cool for having one with these three costumes.

Nothing screams “eyepatch” more than a pirate. No matter if you have a little girl or a little boy, dressing up like a pirate will help to accentuate their eyepatch and conquer the seven seas. Simply just get a pirate costume, wig, and hat from your local costume store and top it off with their eyepatch to complete the ensemble.

David Bowie
If you are feeling like showing off your inner rock and roll, dress your child up as David Bowie as he was going through his eye patch faze. Simply get a red, mullet wig and spike it up and have them wear a red leotard and red and white leggings. As a unique costume that not very many people will understand, this David Bowie costume will be a hit that people will talk to for years to come.

A Dog Named “Patch”
If your child is younger, this costume will be perfect for them. Simply dress them as a dog and draw an eye directly on their black eye patch— it will look like they have a patch of black around their eye— a characteristic that will make them look like everybody’s favorite dog named “patch.”

Help your child embrace their eyepatch this Halloween by using the above costume ideas. To learn more about amblyopia or to schedule an eye appointment for your little one, contact Wilkinson Eye Center today.

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