3 Signs That Your Child May Have Strabismus

Taking care of a child is a lot more than ensuring they don’t run out in front of the street or touch a hot burner on the stove. In fact, taking care of a child involves always being aware of what is their normal and what is something to be more wary of. As a condition that can sometimes be extremely obvious and other times it can be hard to detect, strabismus is an eye disease that causes your child’s eyes to face different directions. This article will discuss three signs that your child may have strabismus and what you can do about it. Read on to learn more.

Cross Eyes

As a child, nothing is quite as fun and entertaining as doing things like going cross-eyed. If you have noticed that your child is going crosseyed without trying, however, that is something to be aware of. Have you noticed that when you are trying to have a conversation with their child that one of their eyes wanders? No matter how obvious or subtle this may be, make sure to bring them into Wilkinson Eye Center. for a brief examination.

Double Vision

Does your child complain of headaches and double vision? Have your child stand back and hold up a few fingers. Ask them how many you are holding up? Do they see more than are actually present? Your child should never have double vision, and if it isn’t going away, then this is a bigger issue.

Difficulty Seeing

This sign is indicative of several types of problems including strabismus. If your child is complaining of not being able to see the board at school or the things in front of them, then they need to have an eye examination. Although this might not mean that they have strabismus, it does mean that they need to be examined.

If your child is complaining of cross eyes, double vision, or having difficulty seeing, they may be suffering from strabismus. To learn more about strabismus or to schedule an eye examination with Wilkinson Eye Center today!



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