3 Truths About Glaucoma

Surgical Eye Services Pontiac & Clarkston, MichiganGlaucoma is one of the leading causes of adult blindness in the U.S. Causing an increased amount of pressure on your eyes, glaucoma can ultimately result in blurred vision or the complete loss of eyesight. Luckily, here at Wilkinson Eye Center, we offer our patients a variety of glaucoma treatments to help with the varying stages of this disease. To help you understand this blinding eye disease, we have listed a few of the common truths surrounding it. Read on to learn more.

Truth: Not Everyone Who Has High Eye Pressure Has Glaucoma

Although glaucoma causes an increased amount of pressure in the eyes, not everyone who has eye pressure has glaucoma. For instance, some patients who have elevated eye pressure suffer from a disease called ocular hypertension which doesn’t impact the eye nerves or result in vision damage.

Truth: It’s a Silent Eyesight Killer

One of the worst things about glaucoma is that it’s considered to be a silent eyesight killer. Because there aren’t any symptoms of glaucoma during the initial stages, it can slowly start to increase the pressure in your eyes and decrease your field of vision— leaving you with permanent eye damage. Luckily, by getting regular annual eye screenings, we can catch it before it gets worse.

Truth: Anyone Can Get It

Even though glaucoma is more prevalent in elderly patients, anyone can get it— even babies. So, whether you’re five months old or 65 years old, make sure that you are getting regular eye examinations and glaucoma screenings from Wilkinson Eye Center.

By understanding some of the unique information and truths about glaucoma, you can help to be a more informed patient. To learn more about glaucoma or to schedule your next eye examination, contact Wilkinson Eye Center today!

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