3 Unique Ways Protect Your Little One’s Eyes From Sun Damage

Comprehensive Eye CareGetting a two-year-old to wear sunglasses is like trying to wrestle a bobcat— virtually impossible. However, if you are planning on spending most of your time outside this summer, it’s important that you take a few preventative measures to protect and shield your little one’s eyes from the sun. To help you keep your child’s eyes damage-free and comfortable all summer long, try these tips. Read on to learn more.

Hat It Up

The good news about hats is that they usually have a little toggle on the bottom that you can tighten so that your little one doesn’t pull it off. And, hats are not only good at shielding your kid’s eyes from the sun, but they are also good at protecting their skin and neck from sunburns. If you have a toddler, let them pick out a hat that has their favorite character on it— this will be a good incentive for them to wear it every time you’re outside.

Window Tint or Screen

Whether your child’s car seat is rear or forward facing, they are bound to have some direct contact with the sun— making it blinding on their eyes and almost impossible to see. To help ensure that your child stayed comfortable and protected during every car ride, make sure that your windows are either correctly tinted or that you have a retractable screen that you can move up and down.

Stroller Umbrella

If your child still likes to stroll around outside in a stroller, make sure that you use the umbrella cover to keep them protected. Most covers come down little ways so that they not only shield your child’s eyes from the top abut head on as well.

Keeping your child’s eyes protected from the sun doesn’t mean that you have to glue sunglasses to their head. By getting them to wear a hat, applying window tint, and using the umbrella on the stroller, you can keep their eyes safe and protected all summer long. To learn more about your child’s vision health or to schedule an eye examination, contact Wilkinson Eye Center today!

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