3 Ways to Combat Dry, Itchy Eyes

eyes-older-woman-SmallDry, itchy eyes can strike at anytime. Whether it’s due to changes in the atmosphere like the onset of summer fires, or they’re simply caused by the lack of sleep, dry eyes can be itchy and leave you feeling less than happy with your vision. However, by following these three tips, you can help combat dry, itchy eyes and get to feeling like yourself again.


Eye Drops

Eye drops, or artificial tears are one of the best ways to get instant relief from dry itchy eyes. Available over-the-counter, these eye drops not only will coat your eyes with a semi- gel feeling but they will also help to speed up your eyes natural ability to produce tears. Just make sure that you follow the instructions on the back of the container, to make sure you’re not either under or over applying the drops into your eyes.


Give Your Eyes a Rest

As one of the leading culprits of dry eyes, contact lenses are known to make your eyes feel tired, itchy, and dry all at the same time. Although you might not like the way you look in glasses and are dreading wearing them to the office, giving your eyes a rest from your contact lenses will help your eyes start to restore their ability to produce tears and will leave you feeling more comfortable. Plus, this isn’t permanent, in fact you can simply go contact-free for just the weekend if you want, and then try contact lenses again starting on Monday. Just make sure that when you start wearing your contacts again, that you’re mindful of any signs or symptoms that your eyes may still need some further recovery time.


Avoid Air

If you sleep with a ceiling fan on or work next to a large window AC unit, then your eyes might very well be drying out because of all the air that is being forced onto them. Try turning your ceiling fan off at night and even ask your boss if you can move your desk so it’s facing away from the AC unit. You should notice a large difference within just an hour or two.


By following these three tips, you can avoid dry, itchy eyes. If your conditions persist after trying these suggestions, make an appointment with our office.

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