4 FAQ’s About Cataract Removal

Cataracts are one of the most common eye conditions that we treat patients here at our office. As a condition that causes cloudiness to occur, cataracts can make everyday life a little bit difficult. To help you learn a little bit more about this condition, we thought we would create a list answering four frequently asked questions.

FAQ 1: Will Removing My Cataract Restore My Vision?

One of the unique things about cataract surgery is that you will typically come out with eyesight that was way better than before. During surgery, we will remove the cataract and replace it with an intraocular lens which will restore your vision.

FAQ 2: Will Removal Be Painful?

Another thing that people like to know is whether or not having your cataracts removed will be painful or not. The good news is that since your eyes will be numbed, you shouldn’t feel a thing. To start the procedure out, we will typically use numbing drops to numb the entire eye. We can also use another form of sedation if needed.

FAQ 3: Can They Come Back?

Luckily, no a cataract can’t come back when you have it removed and replaced with an IOL. Because cataracts take place on the natural eye when there’s an artificial lens there, then a cataract just can’t form.

In very rare instances, something called a secondary cataract may take place; this is when the posterior part of the lens that is left inside of the eye becomes hazy and blurred over. The good news about a secondary cataract is that it can typically be treated without surgery.

FAQ 4: Do they only affect the elderly?

Elderly patients over the age of 50 are most likely to get contacts than those who are younger. In fact, about 50% of the population in the US will have a cataract by the time you are 65.

If you want to learn some more about cataracts and how they can be removed, contact our office today.

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