5 Ways to Keep Your Glasses from Fogging Up When You’re Masked

Wearing a mask saves lives and will be the protocol for the foreseeable future when you are out in public. But if you wear glasses, you may have noticed one of the drawbacks of wearing a mask is that your glasses fog up and you can’t see as well. It can be dangerous, depending on what you’re doing. Here are 5 ways to keep your glasses from fogging up when you’re wearing a mask.

Why Do My Glasses Fog Up?

Your glasses fog up because the warm air you exhale is caught by the mask and escapes out the top of the mask to steam up your glasses. A study from the Royal College of Surgeons in England revealed that most of the air exhaled by the wearer is directed up, but there are ways to overcome the challenge and remain mask compliant.

Wash Your Lenses

Washing lenses with soapy water can prevent fogging. Air dry or dry with a microfiber cloth. Soap leaves a thin film on the lens that prevents the steam from “sticking.”

Improve Mask Fit

Be sure to choose a mask that fits you well. Masks with pinchable nose pieces tend to work more effectively. Or you can use double-sided tape to secure the mask to the bridge of your nose, you can create a better seal and prevent your breathing from steaming up your glasses.

Adjust Your Glasses

You can adjust the way your glasses fit on your nose to prevent as much of the exhale from hitting your lenses. Especially if your glasses have nose pieces, you can adjust the nose pads to allow your frames to sit slightly farther away from your face.

Defoggers and Anti-Fog Lenses

Use a defogger spray intended for use on lenses (not ones used for cars). Before trying one, make sure you will not have any skin irritation and that the odor, if there is one, is not uncomfortable for you. Alternatively, you can replace your lenses with antifog lenses.

Exhale Downward

By conscientiously blowing your exhale down you can avoid fogging up your glasses.

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