After Swimming Eyecare

Comprehensive Eye Care & Eye Exams Pontiac MISummer is for eating watermelon by the pool and forgetting about any worry in the world. And although you and your kids may be hoping to spend more time in the water than out this season, nothing can be quite as annoying is having to deal with stinging eyes after you expose them to too much chlorine. To help you and your kids enjoy summer a little more, we have created an article to help you take better care of your eyes. Read on to learn more.

Always Wear Goggles

Even if your little ones aren’t swimming laps, encourage them to wear goggles while in the pool. Goggles will act as your eyes defense against too much chlorine exposure. When choosing goggles for your kids, make sure that they suction their eyes enough so that water won’t get in but not too much that they place too much pressure on them.

Flush Your Eyes

If your eyes are exposed to too much chlorine, one of the best things you can do is flush them. If you have little kids, you may have to do this for them. Using clean hands, cup your hands together and fill them with lukewarm water. Then, gently dip your eyes into the water and blink. Repeat on each side a few times until you get some relief.

Avoid Rubbing

Kids love to rub their eyes— especially when they have something in them. However, as good as it may feel in the short term, eye rubbing can cause permanent damage. Make sure to tell your little one to not rub their eyes after they get out of the pool.

Chlorine can cause yours and your children’s eyes to burn and itch after swimming. By wearing goggles, flushing your eyes, and refraining from rubbing them, however, you can ensure that yours and your kid’s eyes stay comfortable all summer long. To learn more about eye care, contact Wilkinson Eye Center today!


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