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Choose Your Color: The Joys of Colored Contacts

It can seem like everywhere you turn these days there are ways to change your appearance. If you’re unhappy with your hair, dye it and get hair extensions. If you’re unhappy with your body, join a fitness club. If you’re unhappy with the shape and size of your nose, consider a rhinoplasty. And, even if […]

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How to Avoid the Spread of Pink Eye

If you live in a house filled with young children and animals–especially dogs— you are more susceptible to one of your children or even yourself getting pink eye. As one of the most contagious eye infections out there, the spread of pink eye can quickly take over your entire household. If you suspect that you […]

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Fall Fashion: How to Wear Your Lenses

With fashion month just coming to a halt, fashion conscious individuals everywhere watched as the most elitist designers in the world portrayed their collections in New York, Milan, and Paris. And although fashion month is over, it doesn’t mean that your pursuit for the finer things in life has to be. These following trends will […]

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What to Expect During An Eye Exam

Whether this is your first time getting an eye exam or you simply haven’t had one in years, it might be the source of some anxiety. However, by understanding what will occur during your eye exam and what they are checking for, you will be able to feel more relaxed and at ease. Read on […]

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Diabetes and Your Vision Health

If you are like millions of Americans that suffer from diabetes, you likely aren’t aware of all of the implications that the disease can have on your body. As an intensive metabolic disease that either eliminates your body’s ability to produce insulin or encourages your body to produce too much insulin, diabetes can have a […]

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3 Ways to Combat Dry, Itchy Eyes

Dry, itchy eyes can strike at anytime. Whether it’s due to changes in the atmosphere like the onset of summer fires, or they’re simply caused by the lack of sleep, dry eyes can be itchy and leave you feeling less than happy with your vision. However, by following these three tips, you can help combat […]

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How to Recover from Lasik

During the Lasik surgical process, your eye doctor will cut a thin circular flap in the cornea of your eye, and will insert a laser that will help to reshape the cornea. Although the procedure is fairly straightforward and doesn’t involve much pain, it’s important to take proper care of your eyes after the procedure. […]

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Eat Your Veggies! 4 Eye Healthy Foods to Eat Now

All-natural isn’t a craze that’s going to leave anytime soon. With its links to extreme weight loss, healthier hearts and blood sugars, better skin, and better overall health, this so called “fad” is here to stay. One of the best benefits about all-natural living is your ability to help restore and maintain virtually every part […]

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Preparing for Lasik: 4 Things to Know

Seeing double and not recognizing the difference between a teddy bear and a baby, are vision problems that accompany people of all ages. If you’re fed-up with a life filled of contact lenses and glasses, Lasik might be the perfect option for you. However, before you go into surgery, you need to fully prepare. By […]

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