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What Does Diabetes Do to Your Eyes?

Here’s a question. What’s the leading cause of blindness in the United State? If you said macular degeneration or cataracts, you’d be wrong. It’s diabetic retinopathy. In fact, diabetes can lead to a variety of eye conditions. And considering the explosion of diabetes in this country as the population continues the trend toward obesity, that’s […]

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Your Children and Their Eyes

If you have young children, it seems you’re always worrying about something. When do I need to get immunizations? Are they developing appropriate to their age? What’s up with those friends? It’s a veritable worry-fest at times. Eye care is kind of a fuzzy area. If it seems your child sees just fine, many parents […]

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Give Your Eyes a Gift This Holiday Season

During this oddest of years, we haven’t been able to go out as much and travel has been mostly a no go. The one good thing to come from this is we’ve saved lots of money. People have been using this newfound cash to update their old couches, buy new computers, and the like. But […]

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Healthy Living for Your Eyes

Did you know that your physical health has a direct bearing on your eye health? Especially as we approach the holidays, it’s important to remember how much our diet, exercise, and healthy living habits can promote healthy living. Here are some tips to remember to keep your eyes healthy. Eat Right for Eye Sight Dark […]

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Do You Have Dry Eye Syndrome?

Do you have dry eye syndrome? Dry eye syndrome (DES), clinically referred to as keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS), is a condition in which the eyes do not produce enough tears to keep them from becoming dry and irritated. It can be extremely painful. Over time, dry eye syndrome can impact your sight. What Are the Symptoms […]

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What Is Presbyopia?

As people spend more time in front of digital devices, eye sight challenges are changing. Young and old, people are using digital devices to communicate, work, and go to school. Adults spend more than 10 hours a day on average interacting with their smart phones. This has resulted in an explosion in the numbers of […]

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Allergy Season

Are Your Medications Affecting Your Eyesight?

If you’ve been experiencing dry, itchy, or irritated eyes, it may just be seasonal allergies. But if you’ve recently started taking a new medication or changed the dose on one you’ve been taking, it’s also possible that your medications are affecting your eyesight. Sometimes, it’s a medication you’ve been taking for a long time suddenly […]

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Tips for Reducing Digital Eye Strain

We’re all getting a lot more screen time these days, and extra screen time can lead to eye strain and damage to your vision. Long-term exposure to blue light can damage your eye health. These tips can help you reduce digital eye strain and protect your eyesight. Take Breaks One of the best ways to […]

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How Often Should I See the Eye Doctor?

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that you should get your teeth cleaned and examined every six months. Women know that after a certain age they should have annual mammograms. We all dread turning 50 and having a colonoscopy. But people – especially people who do not have vision issues – will go years without […]

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