Blurred Vision: 3 Treatment Options for Glaucoma

glaucomaBeing diagnosed with glaucoma can make you not only feel like you’re getting older but like you’re getting a bit more, well, blind as well. As a condition that causes both fluid and pressure to build up inside your eyes, glaucoma can make simple things like driving and reading become difficult to do. If you were recently diagnosed by Wilkinson Eye Center as having glaucoma, there are different treatment options to help aid you in the healing of your glaucoma based on the severity of the condition. Read on to learn more.

Eye Drops
As an initial treatment for glaucoma and if your condition isn’t too severe, one of the experts at Wilkinson Eye Center will likely recommend that you start taking a prescription eye drop. By simply placing the drop into your eyes a few times a day as recommended, you can help to neutralize the fluid in your eyes and can help to get your vision back to normal.

Oral Pills
If you have anxiety regarding placing eye drops in your eyes or if they simply make you feel uncomfortable, then another option that your eye doctor at Wilkinson Eye Center may recommend is to take an oral pill to help ease the side effects of glaucoma. The pill, similarly to eye drops, will help to neutralize the fluid that is being excreted from your eyes.

As one of the last resorts that one of the eye doctors at Wilkinson Eye Center may recommend, there is also a surgical procedure that can be performed called  cycloablation. This procedure will typically only be done after both eye drops and oral pills haven’t fulfilled their duties. Cycloablation involves destroying the ciliary body, which is the component of the eye that produces all of the fluid with a laser. Once the laser zaps the ciliary body, the hope is that your eye will stop producing the excess fluid altogether and that your vision will go back to normal.

There are several options available to help treat glaucoma. From eye drops to laser surgery, Wilkinson Eye Center can help determine what treatment option is ideal for you. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact Wilkinson Eye Center today!

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