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Kid’s Glasses

Does My Child Need Glasses?

It can be difficult to know whether or not your child needs glasses, especially if they are too young to clearly articulate the difficulty they might be having seeing. There are signs that your child’s eyesight is not as good as it should be. If you are at all concerned about their eye health or […]

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How To Get Your Kids Eyes Ready for School

The school year is just about to start, which means that if you are the parent of young kids, you’ve got your work cut out for you. In addition to buying new school supplies, clothes, and shoes, you also need to make sure that your child’s vision is in good shape. But how? Here at […]

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Kid’s Glasses

How to Help Your Child Pick Glasses They Will Wear

The last thing that you want is to have a kid who has a hard time seeing the television or the board at school. If you notice that your child is squinting, complaining of headaches, or rubbing their eyes then its time to take them into our office for an eye exam. During their eye […]

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Baby Steps: 3 Signs Your Baby Needs Glasses

During your child’s first few months of life, you will take them to their pediatrician for wellness checks where just about everything— including their vision— will be checked and monitored for abnormalities. Luckily, most babies don’t need corrective glasses and typically outgrow any vision problems by the time they are a toddler. To help you […]

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Eye Testing for Infants

When your baby is first born, their vision will be briefly tested. Then, at their first pediatric appointment, their 3-month, and then their 6-month appointment, their vision will also be tested for a variety of different things including responsiveness, preferential looking, and their ability to follow moving objects. To help you as a new parent […]

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Comprehensive Eye Care

3 Unique Ways Protect Your Little One’s Eyes From Sun Damage

Getting a two-year-old to wear sunglasses is like trying to wrestle a bobcat— virtually impossible. However, if you are planning on spending most of your time outside this summer, it’s important that you take a few preventative measures to protect and shield your little one’s eyes from the sun. To help you keep your child’s […]

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After Swimming Eyecare

Summer is for eating watermelon by the pool and forgetting about any worry in the world. And although you and your kids may be hoping to spend more time in the water than out this season, nothing can be quite as annoying is having to deal with stinging eyes after you expose them to too […]

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The Tell-All Signs that Your Child Needs Glasses

In a perfect world, your child would start communicating at age two, and you would avoid the age temper tantrums and miscommunication altogether. However, because there is no such thing, it’s important to learn how to read between the lines as a parent. For instance, when your child is throwing a tantrum in Target, they’re […]

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3 Costumes to Enhance that Eye Patch

Does your child have amblyopia? Does one of their eyes tend to drag to one side and have a hard time staying focused? Amblyopia or lazy eye syndrome, is a condition that can affect children of all ages without any sort of genetic predisposition. Luckily, by simply placing an eye patch over your child’s “good […]

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