Caution: What You May Not Know About Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash and eyebrow extensionsWith things like eyelash extensions and now eyebrow extensions taking center stage in the beauty world, it can be easy to jump into getting one of these procedures done without thinking much about how they may influence your eye health. However, did you know that eyelash extensions can actually negatively impact the overall health of your eyes? Read on to learn more about why you should reconsider getting those extensions next time.

Natural Lashes Fall Out

Every part of your body plays a role in protecting your health. And, believe it or not, both your eyebrows and your eyelashes play a crucial role in shielding your eyes from things such as dirt and dust, especially on a windy day. Have you ever had something fall into your eye and cause it to burn and itch? Without having your eyelashes and eyebrows, this would occur almost all of the time. And although eyelash extensions can help make you look glamorous, one of the downfalls of getting things such as eyelash extensions done is that they tend to make your natural eyelashes fall out, which means that you won’t have anything to protect your eyes from the natural elements.

Eye Infections
Although rare, sometimes eye infections can occur one the eyelid or where your eyelashes attach, after you get eyelash extensions done, especially if the glue gets in your eye during the process or if you end up having an allergic reaction to either the glue or the false lashes. If for some reason you do develop an eye infection after getting eyelash extensions, contact Wilkinson Eye Center right away.

Get In the Way of Glasses
If you wear prescription eyeglass, you may want to reconsider getting eyelash extensions done because they can get in the way of your ability to bat your lashes and see correctly. Or if you are getting eyelash extensions done to add volume to your natural lashes, have them trimmed a bit so they don’t butt up against your lens.

Eyelash and eyebrow extensions can transform the way that you look. However, there are some ways that they may interfere with your ability to see and feel comfortable. To learn more or to schedule an eye appointment, contact Wilkinson Eye Center today!

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