Custom Vs. Fabricated Reading Lenses

eye careAs you age, your body starts to change; your metabolism slows down, your hormones become imbalanced, and your ability to read things up close slowly worsens. If you have noticed that you are having difficulty reading things up close, you likely need to get some reading glasses. When it comes to picking out reading glasses, you have two main options: custom lenses and fabricated ones. So, what are the benefits to each of these options and how do they differ from each other? Read on to learn more.

Fabricated Reading Lenses

Every time you visit the pharmacy or drugstore you likely see a big tower of reading glasses with stickers that have the prescription on them. In fact, even designers like Kate Spade sell fabricated reading lenses in stores. The best thing about these types of reading lenses is that they are easily accessible and fairly inexpensive. The downfall to fabricated reading lenses is that because they don’t require a prescription, you will likely be wearing the wrong strength.

Custom Reading Lenses

There are many benefits to coming into Wilkinson Eye Center to get custom reading glasses. Not only will you get an eye exam and a prescription for your reading glasses, but we also have a wide variety of custom frames that you can choose from— so you won’t look like every other person at the drugstore. Additionally, when you get your custom reading lenses from Wilkinson Eye Center, we will make sure that they fit properly and the prescription gives you the ability to read just like before.

When your eyesight starts to fail, and you have problems reading things up close, it’s time to get reading glasses. To learn more about fabricated and custom reading lenses, contact the doctors at Wilkinson Eye Center today!



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