Daily Wear Vs. Extended Wear Contact Lenses

contact lensesIf you wear contact lenses, you are most likely familiar with daily wear lenses that you take out every night before bed in order to help your eyes breathe and your lenses to clean. However, did you know that there is a different type of contact lense out there that you can actually wear to bed? Extended wear contact lenses, although not as popular as daily wear lenses, are a different type of contact lens that many patients prefer. However, how can you tell which kind of lens is right for you? Read on to learn more about the difference between both daily wear and extended wear contact lenses.

Daily Wear
Daily wear contact lenses get their name because you wear them only during the day and take them out at night. And, if you have ever tried to sleep with your daily wear contact lenses in at night, you know just how painful and irritating your eyes will be the next day. In the world of daily wear contact lenses, there are two main types: daily disposables and daily wear lenses.

  • Daily Disposables: These contact lenses are only to be used for one day and then you throw them out. Many patients prefer these types of lenses because they are more hygienic and you don’t have to worry about cleaning them every night.
  • Daily Wear: As a more economical type of contact lense, daily wear lenses are typically replaced every two weeks. However, you must clean your lenses in a contact cleaning solution every night before you go to bed.

Extended Wear
Because the FDA hasn’t approved as many types of extended wear contact lenses, the ones that are available on the market tend to be more expensive— which usually turns most patients off. However, there are many benefits to extended wear contact lenses that you may not be aware of. Composed of silicone hydrogel, extended wear lenses can be left in while you sleep for around a week or two, depending on the brand’s recommendation. Because extended wear lenses allow for more oxygen to reach your eyes, they won’t dry out if they are left in and cause irritation.

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