Do I Have Astigmatism?

LASIK Pontiac & Clarkston, MIAstigmatism causes your vision to be blurry both near and far away. It is caused by the shape of your cornea, flattening it so that the light refracts improperly. No one knows exactly why it happens, but it can be hereditary. Astigmatism can be present in addition to both nearsightedness and farsightedness, further complicating your eyesight. While you can develop astigmatism in just one eye, it typically presents in both eyes.

What Are the Symptoms of Astigmatism?

You may not notice your astigmatism at first. You may chalk up blurry vision to being tired. But astigmatism will get worse over time. The symptoms of astigmatism include blurry vision, straining to see, or trouble seeing words on a page or a computer screen. You may not notice astigmatism until it affects your night vision, as objects like headlights become less sharp and defined. Squinting may improve your ability to see clearly. You may begin to experience headaches from the eye strain.

How Is Astigmatism Corrected?

Your eye doctor will diagnose your astigmatism during your routine eye exam. It can be corrected with glasses or contacts. Bifocals are not required to correct astigmatism, and a lot of progress has been made in the development of better contact lenses for people with astigmatism. However, neither eyeglasses nor contact lenses are able to permanently correct astigmatism.

Can LASIK Correct Astigmatism?

In the majority of cases, LASIK surgery will completely correct astigmatism. The treatment can be permanent, just as it is with nearsightedness and farsightedness. Over the course of your life, LASIK treatment often pays for itself compared to the number of pairs of glasses or contact lenses you would purchase as your vision changes.

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