Eye Care 101: Can You Burn Your Eyes?

You can burn toast, you can burn your dinner, and you can certainly burn your skin, but can you burn things like your eyes? Causing a condition called photokeratitis, the sun can, in fact, damage your eyes— causing you to become blind in rare instances. So, what exactly is photokeratitis and how can it be prevented in the future? Read on to learn more.

Diagnose It: See the Doctor

If you have recently spent too much time in the sun and are worried that your eyes are sunburned, come into Wilkinson Eye Center for an eye exam. During your eye examination, one of our ophthalmologists will look to see if there is any irritation, redness, inflammation, or damage that has occurred.

Treat It: At Home or In-Office

Luckily, if you have photokeratitis, it usually goes away on its own without treatment. If, however, you are feeling uncomfortable, then you can try a few of the following options to treat it:

  • Warm Washcloth: Apply a clean, warm washcloth over your eyes. The warmth and moisture will help your eyes produce more tears which can make them feel more comfortable.
  • Eye Drops: If you come into our office for an exam, one of our doctors may prescribe you with eye drops to help coat your eyes.

Additionally, you can use over-the-counter artificial tears to lubricate your eyes and soothe them.

Prevent It: Wear Protection

You likely wouldn’t spend a day at the beach without slathering on the sunscreen. However, you may head outside to ski, go on a walk, or lay by the pool without wearing sunglasses. As your number one protectant against the sun’s harmful rays, sunglasses should be worn whenever you are spending lengthy time outside. And although everyone knows that if you are going to see better when you’re outside on a bright, sunny day that you need to wear sunglasses, did you know that your sunglasses are more than just a way to make you look cool and feel comfortable?

Take care of your photokeratitis and come into our office today. To learn more about how you can take better care of your eyes or to schedule an appointment, contact Wilkinson Eye Center.



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