How Often Do I Need to Get My Eye Prescription Checked?

Eye examThough you may have received an eye exam when you first received your glasses or contact lenses if it has been years since you last had an eye exam, you are long overdue.

The American Optometric Association recommends at least an annual eye exam, although it varies based on need. Getting an eye exam not only assures that your prescription is up to date but can also function as early detection for eye diseases and other health conditions. Let’s look at why you need routine eye exams for your corrective lenses prescription and why you need them for your overall health.

Why Does Your Prescription Change? 

When young, our prescription changes because our eyes are growing. These physical changes in the size of the eye can change your prescription. However, even after our eyes stop growing, your prescription can still change.

This change in prescription is due to the lack of flexibility found in the eyes’ lenses. This diminishes your eyes’ ability to focus, requiring more external aid and increasing your prescription. As we age our eyes become less and less elastic, meaning you have to visit the eye doctor more and more often.

Because of this, along with the individual variability between peoples’ eyes, to know when and how often you need to visit the eye doctor, visit one now. They will inform you, based on your age and eye health, how often you need to come back.

What Can an Eye Exam Do for You? 

It can be inferred that your eye exam can help determine the most accurate prescription for your eyes. Along with this you may assume that an eye exam can help determine potential disorders of the eye. From astigmatism to glaucoma, your eye doctor can diagnose many eye conditions. They can also provide treatment or recommend lifestyle implementations to aid eye health.

Something you may not expect; however, is that your routine eye exam can also identify overall health problems. Your eyes can indicate severe issues from the presence of tumors to heart disease.

In fact, sometimes diabetes can be diagnosed through eye tissue before being diagnosed through traditional means.

Wilkinson Eye Center in Pontiac Has Your Ophthalmology Needs 

Going to the eye doctor is a must. Not only does your prescription change as you age but routine eye exams can help prevent and diagnose eye and overall health disorders.

To get comprehensive and experienced care make an appointment with the Wilkinson Eye Center by giving us a call at 248-334-4931.

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