How to Get Used to Wearing Contacts

Whether you have been wearing glasses for the majority of your life or you recently were told you have vision problems, you might be considering trying out contacts. As a great way to see clearly and look like yourself without having to wear glasses, contact lenses are both effective and can be comfortable as well. However, getting used to wearing contacts can sometimes be difficult for many patients. If you recently started wearing contact lenses and just can’t seem to get comfortable, read on to learn more.

Start off Gradually

Getting used to wearing contact lenses can oftentimes make patients feel dizzy and give them headaches as they adjust to their prescription strength. If you are experiencing any of those signs or symptoms, try to ease into wearing your contact lenses. For instance, wear them in the mornings from eight until noon and then switch to glasses for the rest of the day. Then after about a week, slowly ease into wearing them all day long.

contact lenses pontiac miUse Eye Drops

Many patients experience dry eyes when they first start wearing contact lenses as their eyes get used to having the lense placed on them. As your eyes get accustomed to wearing contacts, try carrying around a moisturizing natural tear eye drop with you— these will help to coat your eyes and make them feel more relaxed and comfortable.

Avoid Sleeping In Them

No matter how tired you are before you go to bed at night it’s important that you avoid sleeping in your contact lenses. Sleeping in your contact lenses will make the whole adjustment process that much harder because it can make your eyes feel sore and tender in the morning. Make sure to get into the habit of taking your contact lenses out before bed every night and placing them in a cleaning solution.

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