How to Get Your Little One to Wear Their Glasses

Getting kids to wear their glasses can sometimes be assimilated to herding cats— it can not only seem impossible but it can take more energy that it’s worth. However, if your little one isn’t wearing their glasses, they likely are having a hard time seeing things that are right in front of them and might even be experiencing things like headaches. Try these three tips on how to encourage your child to wear their glasses— and keep them on— everyday.wilk1

Add them to the Routine

Children are naturally creatures of habit. That’s why things like a having a morning and evening routine are so important to their well-being. As part of their morning routine— eating breakfast, getting dressed, brushing their teeth—  add wearing their glasses to that list as well. As a good reminder to wear their glasses, have them place them by their toothbrush at night before bed, that way when they wake up and brush their teeth, they will have a strong reminder to wear their glasses as well.

Choose Comfort Over Style

Yes, maybe the most comfortable pair of glasses for your child might look like the most ridiculous pair you have ever seen. But let’s face it, if your child isn’t comfortable, they aren’t going to wear their glasses. When picking out a pair of glasses, make sure your child feels comfortable in them and that they aren’t too tight or too loose on their head.

Incentive Program

If all else fails, try encouraging your child to wear their glasses with an incentive program. Have your child create a sticker chart of their own. For every day they wear their glasses, they get to add a sticker to the chart. Once they fill up their chart they can pick out a toy from the toy store or go see a movie they’ve been wanting to see in theaters.

By following the above three tips, you can get your kids in the habit.

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