How to Recover from Lasik

girl-eye-SmallDuring the Lasik surgical process, your eye doctor will cut a thin circular flap in the cornea of your eye, and will insert a laser that will help to reshape the cornea. Although the procedure is fairly straightforward and doesn’t involve much pain, it’s important to take proper care of your eyes after the procedure.


After the procedure, your doctor will likely have you sit in a chair for 10-15 minutes in order to ensure that there aren’t any noticeable complications and to make sure that you’re capable to go home. Once you’re released to go home, make sure that you have a friend or family member pick you up because it’s not recommended that you drive right after the procedure.



Although not Chanel or Dior, your eye doctor will require you to wear some medical sunglasses home after the procedure. This is to help shade your eyes from the sun and prevent any damage to the surgical area. Make sure that you shade your eyes for at least the first day after your Lasik surgery, but ask your doctor if they need you to wear them for longer.


Eye Drops

As prescribed and in order to prevent your eyes from drying out, make sure that you follow the proper protocol for wearing your eye drops. If your doctor told you to put them in every two hours while you’re awake, make sure to set a timer. If for some reason you are uncomfortable with using the eye drops, ask a friend or family member to help you. Simply lie flat on the ground or your bed and have your friend drop the drops into the inside corner of your closed eye, open your eyes and blink. This will help the drops fall into your eye, without having to do it yourself. These eye drops will not only ensure that your eyes heal properly but they will also to help prevent the spread of infection.


Undergoing Lasik surgery is an exciting and scary thing. Yes, you are getting your vision back but it can also be scary to undergo any surgical procedure. However, by following these two tips, you will help your eyes feel faster and you can help prevent the spread of any infection.


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