How to Wash Off Your Eye Makeup

Eye Care & Eye Exams Pontiac and Clarkston, MIEye makeup is an easy and effective way to make your eyes pop and make you look otherwise alive (no matter how little sleep you had the night before). However, one problem that we see with patients who wear a lot of eye makeup is that they don’t know how to get it all the way off at night which can lead to things like bacterial infections. Here are a few ways for you to safely take your makeup off.

Use an Oil-Based Eye Makeup Remover

You get rid of oil with oil. Most makeup is oil based which means that in order for you to fully remove it, you need to use an oil. Oil-based eye makeup removers are designed to get rid of almost every trace of eye makeup off of your eyes without causing irritation or burning in the process. When you use an eye makeup remover, make sure that you use a clean cotton pad.

Use a Gentle Face Wash

After you have used an eye makeup remover, you can get the rest of the oil and makeup off with a face wash. When rubbing the face wash on your eyes, make sure that you don’t apply too much pressure to your eyes because this can cause intraocular pressure or can even take off some of your eyelashes.

What About Facial Wipes?

If you are on the go and don’t have access to eye makeup remover or face wash, then you can use facial wipes— just make sure they’re not baby wipes. Most face wipes contain gentle ingredients that can be used on or around your eyes, whereas baby wipes could cause redness or irritation.

Taking good care of your eyes starts at home with basic things like removing your eye makeup correctly every night before bed. If you need to schedule an eye appointment, contact our Pontiac office today and call (248) 334-4931.

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