How you can be Proactive with your Diabetic Eye Care

Diabetic Eye Care Clarkston, MIIf you have diabetes, then you may know just how important it is for you to stay on top of your game; you know that you can’t miss a meal without taking insulin, you know that unless you have a pump that you need to test your blood sugar every so often, and you know that you can’t miss your endocrinologist. And although you may know that diabetes affects how you live your day to day life, you may not know that it can also affect other parts of your life including your vision. But rather than just waiting for something to go bad with your eyesight, it’s better for you to take the initiative and be proactive. But how?

Schedule Regular Eye Exams

One of the things that we specialize in here at Wilkinson Eye Center is diabetic retinopathy. When you come into our office for regular eye exams, we will take a closer look at your vision to see if you have developed any signs of retinopathy by doing regular retinal scans. By making sure that you are consistent about coming into our office for eye exams, you can ensure that you catch any problems before they get worse.

Manage Your Blood Sugar

The best way for you to take care of your vision when you are diabetic is to control your blood sugar. If you are in the bad habit of not testing on a regular basis and not managing your blood sugar, then you may be contributing to things such as diabetic retinopathy.

When it comes to diabetic retinopathy, the best things that you can do are to manage your diabetes and get regular retinal scans from Wilkinson Eye Center (about every 12 months on average). If you want to learn more about diabetic retinopathy or treatment, schedule an examination at our Clarkston or Pontiac office today and call us at (248) 334-4931.

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