Intraocular Lenses an Important Part of Cataract Removal Surgery

Cataract Removal SurgeryWhen you see well, your quality of life is much better. Cataracts can get in the way of the joy you experience from your environment, and also to your productivity and your safety. While there is a very low concern about cataracts causing blindness, there is a concern about quality of life. At some point, most people with cataracts will decide it is time to regain visual clarity, and freedom, by removing clouded lenses. One of the aspects of surgery is to consider the appropriateness of various intraocular lenses.

Points of Consideration

When cataract removal surgery was first available, replacement lenses had no prescriptive power. Patients would have to rely on eyeglasses to see at various distances. In many cases, these were very thick (hence the term “Coke bottles”). Considering this, you would think that any prescription intraocular lens, or IOL, would be sufficient for any patient! Research has indicated otherwise.

What has been discovered is that satisfaction with a selected IOL is largely tied to expectation and preference. Patients who are more finicky about visual acuity, and who notice the slightest discrepancy, are more likely to feel somewhat dissatisfied with the results of their surgery, even though the fog has been lifted from their field of vision.

For many patients, optimal near and distance visual clarity is restored with the placement of a multifocal intraocular lens. However, this type of IOL can produce slight disturbances such as halos or glare around lights. Also, although patients are better able to see objects at multiple distances, the overall clarity between near, intermediate, and far may be inconsistent. For this reason, we are careful to consider the degree of visual distortion that exists before cataract surgery. When a patient only has slight myopia or presbyopia, options other than multifocal lenses may be more appropriate.

Are you a Good Candidate for Multifocal IOL Treatment?

This is the “big question,” and it may be easier to answer than you think. According to research, people who are considered more easy-going are those who report greater satisfaction with multifocal lenses! It is an interesting fact that deserves consideration, because it is you who holds the key to success.

To help you regain a better quality of life, we discuss all appropriate options for lens replacement and let your personal preferences guide your final selection. Learn more! Schedule your visit with us at (248) 334-4931.



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