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What are the warning signs that a child could need eyeglasses?

Kid's Glasses Clarkston MIAs parents, we all want the best for our children. This includes being able to do well in school, enjoying sports or other activities that involve their mind and body, and to be able to read or watch a movie.

Question is are you hindering all of those things with your child because you haven’t bothered to get them an eye exam? Here are some warning signs that your child could need eyeglasses.

  • Squinting — If you child is either nearsighted or farsighted, he or she will squint when looking close up or at distance.
  • Reading difficulties — Learning to read is hard enough. Doing it with refractive errors is even harder. If your child is using his or her finger to keep their place on a page, they may not be seeing clearly.
  • Eye rubbing — When not attributable to allergies or conjunctivitis, rubbing the eyes can be a sign that the eyes are strained due to refractive errors not being corrected.
  • Headaches or nausea — If it takes real effort to bring up-close objects into focus that will lead to headaches and even nausea.
  • Covering one eye — If your child covers one eye or closes one eye every time they need to focus on something like a TV show, that can be a sign of astigmatism in that eye.
  • Clumsiness — Bumping into objects or tripping frequently can be due to eyesight problems, not just clumsiness.
  • Sitting too close — If your child is nearsighted, he or she may sit too close to the TV or always need to sit in the front row in class.
  • Tilting of the head — If your child tilts his or her head when looking in a certain direction, it can be a sign of strabismus, an imbalance in the eye muscles.

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When should my child have eye exams?

You shouldn’t wait to see any of those signs listed above. Your child needs to have an eye exam to be sure their vision is normal. The American Optometric Association recommends this schedule for children’s eye exams:

  • Children 5 years and younger — Children under three should see a pediatrician to check for the most common eye problems, such as lazy eye. Otherwise, children between 3 and 5 should see the team at Wilkinson Eye Center for their eye examination.
  • School-age children and teens — Your child needs his or her vision checked before they enter first grade. From there, vision should be checked every one or two years to be sure their refraction/vision correction prescription hasn’t changed.

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How do I get a pair of eyeglasses that my child will actually wear?

Kid's Glasses Clarkston MIFirst off, bring your child with you when checking out our great selection of frames at our Wilkinson Eye Center Optical Shops in our Pontiac and Clarkston locations. They need to be a part of the process or you may have trouble getting them to wear their glasses. Today there are more kids’ eyeglass frames than ever, so your child may actually be excited about putting them on. They’ll enjoy the improved vision and the way they look.

Here are a few other tips when buying children’s eyeglasses:

  • Consider the lens — Kids are hard on everything, and eyeglasses are no different. The majority of children’s eyeglasses are made from polycarbonate lens material. This is impact-resistant material and won’t shatter. Plus, it is lighter and helps prevent eye injuries.
  • Scratch resistance — Most modern lenses have some degree of scratch resistance, but at Wilkinson we recommend upgrading to a scratch-resistant coating to protect the lenses for longer durability.
  • Nose pads — Silicone nose pads are much softer and more comfortable on your child’s face. They also help keep the glasses in place, no matter what your kid is doing.

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