Laser Cataract Surgery Vs. Small Incision Cataract Surgery

When you have cataracts, your eyes become glazed over and your ability to see straight is often skewed. However, just because your vision is skewed, doesn’t mean that your decision making capabilities have to be. Depending on the severity of your cataracts, your age, and any family history of cataracts, your eye doctor may recommend that you get cataract surgery in order to properly remove the cataracts altogether. With two popular types of cataract surgery available to treat cataracts, it’s important that both you and your doctor agree on a surgical option that’s suitable for you.

cataract surgeryLaser Cataract Surgery
This form of cataract surgery is designed to remove your cataracts with the assistance of laser technology. With the help and precision of the laser, your surgeon will be able to target the cataract, break it up, and then remove it in order to help restore your vision back to normal. Additionally, some patients also get an IOL, or an artificial lens, placed on their eye after surgery in order to help aid in their vision as well.

Small Incision Cataract Surgery
This is the most common form of cataract surgery. By making small incisions into the cornea, small incision cataract surgery allows surgeons to effectively target the cataract itself. Once the cataract is accessible, ultrasound technology will be used in order to break the cataract into several pieces— after which, your surgeon will then remove the pieces and get you on your way. However, as mentioned above, your surgeon may also recommend that you have an IOL placed on top of your eye in order to help you see properly.

Having cataracts is typically an indication that you are aging— primarily inflicting individuals who are 65 and older. If you have cataracts and want to get your vision back, speak with your eye doctor regarding your options. If surgery is suggested, use the above information to help aid you in making the best decision possible. To learn more about cataracts or to schedule an appointment with our office, contact Wilkinson Eye Center today!

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