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Wilkinson Eye Center is proud to offer the latest in LASIK Refractive Surgery as an option for the patient who wants to lessen their dependence on glasses or contact lenses in or near Pontiac & Clarkston, Michigan. Scott Wilkinson, M.D. performs LASIK surgery at the Michigan Outpatient Surgery Center in Fraser. With the massive media advertising, billboards and newspaper ads, it can be easy to forget that LASIK is a surgical procedure which requires the skill and training of a well-trained medical doctor. Dr. Wilkinson is not only a Board Certified medical doctor and Ophthalmologist, but he has also obtained a Fellowship in the treatment of the cornea – a subspecialty of Ophthalmology.

Unlike some of the LASIK programs in Michigan and our neighboring Windsor, you see the surgeon through each step of the process. Dr. Wilkinson manages every step of the procedure, from the initial consultation and testing, surgery and post-operative care. This process gives our patients continuity of treatment throughout their entire experience.


We offer free LASIK Screening with our qualified ophthalmic technicians. They will assess your initial suitability for surgery. If you meet the initial criteria, you will be scheduled for a comprehensive consultation with the ophthalmologist at a cost of $150.00. If you are a candidate and wish to proceed with surgery this fee will be applied to the total surgical package price. We do not do trendy pricing or offer short-cut, lower cost treatments. The integrity and success of our program have grown out of professional medical counseling and treatment and from the satisfaction of our patients with the process and its results.

Before Laser Eye Surgery

  • At the consultation visit, many tests and measurements will be performed to make sure you are a good candidate for LASIK.
  • All facets of the surgery will be thoroughly explained, to include viewing a video of the surgery process.
  • You should expect this appointment to take 2 ½ hours. The surgery can be booked at the completion of the visit most of the time.
  • Depending on how long you must stay out of your contact lenses, most cases can be completed within the month. Any of our receptionists can schedule a LASIK screening or evaluation for you.
  • If you have additional questions our LASIK technicians, Debbie or Shawn, can speak to you. All can be reached by calling our main number at 248-334-4931 and choosing Option 3.

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Lasik FAQs

Where Is The Lasik Surgery Performed?

Dr. Wilkinson performs LASIK at the Michigan Outpatient Surgery Center in Fraser.

How Long Before I Can See After Laser Vision Correction With Lasik?

After LASIK, most patients recover useful vision within 24 hours after their surgery. Generally, both eyes are done at the same time.

Does The Lasik Procedure Hurt?

Because the cornea is easily numbed with anesthetic eye drops, most patients say they have little or no discomfort both during and after the procedure. Most complaints are of feeling like there is something in the eye like sand or an eyelash.

How Long Will I Need To Take Off Work For Lasik Eye Surgery?

You can have the procedure and be back to your normal day-to-day activities very quickly. Most people return to work within two days. Some even go back to work the next day.

Will I Need Glasses After Laser Eye Surgery?

Our goal with refractive surgery is to reduce your dependence on glasses or contact lenses. It is not realistic to expect that laser vision correction will result in the perfect vision at all times, under all circumstances. Excimer laser technology allows for an unparalleled degree of precision and predictability. Our experience has shown that laser vision correction has been overwhelmingly successful in reducing myopia, astigmatism, and hyperopia.

  • We feel that if you can get through 90 to 95% of your day without glasses, then your surgery is considered a “success”.
  • You may still need glasses in low-light situations, for example: driving at night or watching a movie at the movie theater.
  • Laser vision correction will NOT eliminate the need for reading glasses later in life.
  • As each year passes, the ability to focus decreases. By the time we reach our early to mid 40’s, we will need an aid such as reading glasses or bifocals to focus on objects near to us. This condition is called presbyopia, and laser vision correction does not speed up, slow down or eliminate this natural aging process.

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