Let’s Talk About Pink Eye

Eye Conditions Pontiac, MIWith the cold and flu season in full swing, it can feel like you are spending more of your time sniffling in bed than actually out having fun. And because both of these problems are viral, it’s easy to get sick by simply breathing in the air of somebody sick who’s around you. With other viral illnesses like conjunctivitis, or pink eye, there are a few things that you can do to keep yourself a protected. Let’s take a closer look.

What’s Conjunctivitis?

Conjunctivitis or pink eye is an eye condition that causes the lining of the eye (the conjunctiva) to become swollen and infected. Although conjunctivitis is commonly viral, it can be caused by other things like allergies or bacteria.

How to Avoid Conjunctivitis?

If someone has viral conjunctivitis, it’s very contagious. If your child has conjunctivitis make sure to keep them home from school so that they don’t get anybody else sick. Once they are home, you can do things like make them wash their hands frequently, wash their sheets and pillowcases, and tell them to avoid touching their eyes or face.

To help keep them comfortable, try using a clean, warm compress and placing it on their eyes— this will help to hopefully lower the swelling, get rid of any mucus, and help them feel better overall. Luckily, if it’s viral, it should clear up on its own. If you are worried about it being a non-viral form of conjunctivitis, schedule an appointment either with their pediatrician to make sure that the condition isn’t any worse.

If you as an adult get pink eye, remember that it’s nothing to freak out about but that you should probably stay home from work until it clears up and make sure to regularly wash your hands.

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