Myth Or Fact: Common Statements About Eyes

The eyes are the window to the soul, as they say. While this is a subjective statement, what about when they say that carrots can help with vision? Or what about reading too much and that affecting your eyesight poorly? Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder? What else is in the eye then too? If you’ve heard a lot about eyes but haven’t known much about them, then keep reading to keep your eye on the truth!

Carrots Help Improve Vision

Though Bugs Bunny may have some spectacular vision (we’ve never seen him with glasses), carrots don’t improve your vision. However, carrots are full of beta carotene, a substance that the body utilizes to make Vitamin A, which is an incredibly important nutrient for eye health. So while a rabbit’s diet of carrots won’t help you ditch your glasses or give you 20/20 vision, it can be a helpful building block to better overall eye health.

Reading For Long Periods Of Time Or In Dim Light Will Damage Your Eyes 

This is another false statement. Reading cannot damage your eyesight; however, prolonged reading or reading in dimmed lighting can cause eye strain, which though not damaging, can lead to discomfort!

Watching TV Up Close Will Damage Your Eyes

Similar to reading, TV will also not intrinsically damage your eyesight. However, as with reading, prolonged exposure to TV can cause eye strain which can lead to discomfort. Sometimes, parents may think that their children are too close to the TV, but this might have to do with childrens’ ability to focus on objects closer to their eyes than adults. This can also be related to them having nearsightedness. In either case, TV is not harming their eyes!

You Only Need An Eye Exam If Something Is Wrong

Another false statement! An eye exam is a good way to maintain proper eye health and a fantastic way to make sure your eyes are doing well. It can be an opportunity for your doctor to administer either preventative care or even change your prescription! If it’s been some time or you want to learn more about ways to take care of your eyes, make an appointment with the Wilkinson Eye Center! We keep an eye out for your eyes! Give us a call at 248-334-4931.

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