Preparing for Lasik: 4 Things to Know

green-eye-SmallSeeing double and not recognizing the difference between a teddy bear and a baby, are vision problems that accompany people of all ages. If you’re fed-up with a life filled of contact lenses and glasses, Lasik might be the perfect option for you. However, before you go into surgery, you need to fully prepare. By following these 4 tips, you can help to ensure that your Lasik eye procedure goes as smoothly as possible.


  1. Ask for Anti-Anxiety Medicine

The thought of having your eye sliced open while you’re conscious, is enough to make anyone squeem. If you’re getting ready to undergo Lasik eye surgery, and you are starting to feel anxious about the procedure, don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor about prescribing anti-anxiety medication. As a means to help lower your blood-pressure and help you relax during your procedure, anti-anxiety medicine might be the perfect solution to calm your worried mind.


  1. Avoid Contacts

Because soft contact lenses distort the shape of your cornea, you will be advised to not wear your contacts for a few weeks before you undergo Lasik eye surgery. Although you might have to relive your childhood memories of being called “four-eyes” on the playground, the outcome of your surgery will make it all worth it.


  1. Remove Makeup

If you wear face or eye makeup, make sure that you have fully removed it all before your procedure. Just to be safe, remove all eye makeup the night before the procedure, and then try to remove any excess makeup the day of. If during the procedure, flakes of makeup fall into the eye, it can cause eye complications or can even scratch the cornea.


  1. Don’t Drive

After your surgery, you’ll have perfect vision. Right? Wrong. Your eyes will need to heal after the surgery and you will be required to wear some medical “sunglasses” in order to protect your eyes for at least a day or two after your surgery. Because of this, you won’t be able to drive yourself home from the procedure, and will need to arrange for a friend, family member, or even taxi-cab to come pick you up.

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