Have Something in Your Eye? How to Properly Get it Out

eye careWhen you have something in your eye, you typically don’t stop to think of the proper way to retrieve it— instead, you stick a dirty finger in your eye in order to get it out and give you back a level of comfort. However, this method— or lack thereof— may result in an eye infection or something like a scratched cornea. In order to prevent any type of damage to your eye, make sure that you know a few methods on how to get something out of your eye. Read on to learn more.

Flush It
The first thing you should do— and probably the easiest thing you can do— in order to get rid of that thing trapped in your eye is to flush it out. There are two main ways to flush your eye out. One method includes flushing it out with your hands and the other method includes using a medicine dropper.

  • Hands: When using your hand to flush your eye out, make sure that you wash your hands with antibacterial soap and water and then rinse your hands again to get off any soap residue. Once your hands are clean, cup them together in order to create a bowl and then fill them with some warm water. Once filled, gently place your eye into the water and blink in order for the water to get into your eye.
  • Medicine Dropper: As the best way to flush your eye out, a medicine dropper is both easy and effective. Simply fill a medicine dropper with lukewarm water and drop the water into your eye. The pressure and the water will help to get the dust particles or eyelash out of your eye.
  • Warm Washcloth

Another way that you can help to get the object out of your eye is by placing a clean, warm, damp washcloth directly over your closed eye— this will help your eye to naturally tear which will in turn push the object out of your eye.

Taking care of your eyes will make sure that they don’t get damaged. To learn more about how you can better take care of your eyes, contact Wilkinson Eye Center.

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