How to Tell If You Have Pink Eye

Eye Conditions Pontiac, MILike one of those things that will make your coworkers want to stand a mile away from you and will make your kids gasp in disbelief, pink eye or conjunctivitis is a very common virus that anybody can get. So, with cold season upon us and just about everyone you know coughing into their sleeve (hopefully), how can you tell if you have conjunctivitis in addition to that runny nose? Let’s take a closer look.

Red Eyes

The most obvious telltale sign that you have pink eye is bright red eyes. And although you may have red eyes when you’re really tired or have just woken up in the morning, red eyes from conjunctivitis are usually a brighter red or pink and don’t go away.

Discharge Around Your Eyes

Another sign that you have conjunctivitis? If you have a lot of fluid builds up around your eyes. For many patients, they will wake up with a lot of crustiness and discharge around their eyes— sometimes so much that they won’t be able to open them. To help you get rid of the discharge, try taking a clean, warm washcloth and gently wiping it away— this should help you find relief.


Swelling is also another sign that you may have conjunctivitis. If you do have some swelling, try placing a soft, cold compress directly over your eyes for a few minutes at a time.

Most forms of conjunctivitis are viral and should subside on their own, but remember that it’s extremely contagious so try to stay away from people and make sure to frequently wash your hands. Other forms of conjunctivitis can usually be treated with an antibiotic eye drop.

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