The Tell-All Signs that Your Child Needs Glasses

pediatric eye careIn a perfect world, your child would start communicating at age two, and you would avoid the age temper tantrums and miscommunication altogether. However, because there is no such thing, it’s important to learn how to read between the lines as a parent. For instance, when your child is throwing a tantrum in Target, they’re hungry or tired. If your child isn’t sleeping at night, they’re likely growing. And, if your child is always complaining of headaches and being tired after a good night’s sleep, they may be in need of glasses. Read on to learn more about some of the signs that your child needs to get their eyes checked.

They Have Headaches
It’s not normal for a child to be getting headaches on a regular basis. Before you jump to any conclusions, make sure that they are drinking enough water and eating enough food— two things that often get pushed aside when your kid could be playing instead. Once you have ruled out dehydration and hunger, start to take note of the frequency of your child’s headaches. Do they occur after they are watching TV or trying to focus? If so, this could be an indication that they need glasses.

They Are Tired
When your eyes have to work overtime to see things like the words on a page or a bird off in the distance, they can become strained and feel tired. If you have noticed that your little one is tired even after a good night’s sleep, this is another sign that they may need their eyes checked.

They Squint
Have you noticed that your little one is squinting a lot? Do they squint when they are trying to watch the television, have a conversation with you, or find a friend at the park? This is one of the biggest signs that your child is in need of glasses. As a natural way to try to focus your eyes, squinting can give your child immediate relief.

When it comes to your child’s vision, you have to read between the lines to identify if they are having vision problems or not. If you have noticed your child complaining of headaches, acting tired, or squinting, these could be signs that they have a vision problem. To learn more or to schedule an eye exam, contact Wilkinson Eye Center today!

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