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Douglas Mcdonald

After learning that my vision wasn’t good enough to drive without glasses due to astigmatism, I decided to explore surgical options to fix my eyes because I hated the idea of bringing glasses everywhere I went.  I’ve never been the type of person who manages “accessories” very well.  Dr. Wilkinson knew exactly how to fix my astigmatism and I’m seeing clear!  Thank you all so much!


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Stacey Ford

Everyone at the Wilkinson Eye Center was so helpful! I’ve never had great vision but I’ve also never liked how I look with glasses on.  I was nervous about switching over to contact lenses because the idea of sticking something in my eye didn’t sound very exciting.  Dr. Schmitz showed me a few different ways to place the contacts in and assured me I’d get used to it.  The contacts work great and I’ve even gotten used to placing them in every morning!


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Rick Johnson

Years ago I learned I was diabetic but didn’t really know what that meant for my eyes.  I visited Dr. Wilkinson to in hopes I might find a quick solution to retain my eye sight.  Who knew the best thing for me was a regular workout routine!  Dr. Wilkinson told me cardio and eating healthy would be one of the most effective ways to keep my eyes working just as they should.  Amazing doctor!


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