Three facts about glaucoma that you need to know

Happy 60s older mature middle aged adult woman waving hand holding digital tabletWhile you may have heard about glaucoma, you may not be aware of some of the more important facts about this eye condition. In fact, in a 2002 Prevent Blindness America Surgery, it was determined that while 50% of participants had heard of glaucoma, they weren’t even sure what the condition was or what caused it. Being unaware of conditions such as this can make it difficult to know the signs and symptoms for early intervention when possible.

At the Wilkinson Eye Center of Pontiac and Clarkston, MI, we educate patients on vision concerns that they may experience in their lifetime. With regular evaluations and proper screenings, many of our patients can spot these conditions well before they become a serious issue. One condition that can become extremely problematic for patients is that of glaucoma, so here are a few facts to consider about this condition.

  • Glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness in the United States. Additionally, approximately 10% of the individuals who develop glaucoma and receive treatment may still experience a significant loss of vision. Everyone is at risk, and glaucoma can develop at any time in one’s life–in babies and senior citizens.
  • Glaucoma is caused when the optic nerve is damaged by high pressure in the eye. But for many, symptoms don’t develop until the condition is more severe. So it means some patients may have glaucoma but not even know it! This is why it is important for every patient to have routine screenings and evaluations with their vision doctor to monitor for the early signs of this condition.
  • While there is no cure for glaucoma, early detection and effective treatment can help in preserving one’s vision. This is why our team of professionals encourage you to book a consultation visit and regular evaluations with a vision provider. At Wilkinson Eye Center, we can screen for this and other eye concerns to ensure you have healthy eyes and are protecting your vision properly.

How do I learn more about glaucoma?

If you suspect you have glaucoma or want to discuss prevention tips with a provider in the area of Clarkston or Pontiac, MI, call the Wilkinson Eye Center today at 248-334-4931.

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