Two Simple At-Home Tricks for Dry Eye Relief

dry eye relief
Your eyes are one of the most vital organs in your body. Though you could survive without the vision they provide—as many often do—keeping them healthy and feeling good will ensure they function well for as long as possible. However, one common issue that practically everyone will experience with their eyes at one point or another is excessive dryness. There are a variety of reasons that your eyes may become dry and uncomfortable, sometimes requiring medical expertise to soothe. But thankfully, there are also plenty of ways to find dry eye relief right at home for more minor, passing cases of dry eye.

Here are a few examples that you can try the next time you’re in need of dry eye relief:

Tip#1: Gentle Compression With a Warm Towel

The first thing you can try at home to find a bit of dry eye relief is a warm compress. Simply grab a soft, clean towel and run it under warm water until it’s thoroughly soaked. Then you’ll want to wring it out and gently press it against your closed eyes for as long as you’d like. You’ll also want to gently massage the corners of your eyes to help ease any congested glands that are preventing your eyes from staying hydrated. The warm compress, in conjunction with the message, will loosen any clogged oils and help reduce inflammation.

Tip #2: Abide by the 20/20 Rule for Screen Time

This dry eye relief tip is simple to perform but can often be difficult to remember since it requires looking away from the screens that may be captivating your attention for one reason or another. Basically, for every 20 minutes that you’ve kept your eyes focused on a bright screen, close them for 20 seconds and give them time to rest and rehydrate. This helps because, as you look at the bright lights projected from your computer or phone screens, it causes you to blink less than you usually would. This lack of blinking can quickly dry out your eyes after long sessions.

Professional Dry Eye Relief at Wilkinson Eye Center

If these tips weren’t enough to resolve your dry eye issues, there may be a more severe eye issue at play. In which cases, be sure to give Wilkinson Eye Center a call at 248-334-4931. With convenient locations in Pontiac and Clarkston, MI, your dry eye relief could be just a call away.

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