Wet or Dry: What Kind of Macular Degeneration Do You Have?

Eye Care & Eye Exam in Clarkston, MIMacular degeneration isn’t something that anybody aspires to have, but it’s actually the leading cause of blindness in patients over the age of 50. So, what is there to know about this vision disease? First things first, there are actually two different types of macular degeneration: wet and dry. But what are the differences between them?

Dry Macular Degeneration

The most common form of age-related macular degeneration is dry macular degeneration. This typically begins with small areas of vision damage in the macula and then slowly progresses into other parts of the eye which can result in vision loss.

Wet Macular Degeneration

The less common form of macular degeneration is called wet macular degeneration. This occurs when abnormal blood vessels form underneath the retina. These blood vessels then start to bleed and leak fluid. After a significant amount of blood and fluid loss, scars eventually form under the macula which results in central vision loss.

How is It Diagnosed?

One of the reasons we encourage our patients over the age of 50 to come into our office to get regular eye exams is because it will help us catch macular degeneration early on. Because there isn’t yet a cure for macular degeneration, it’s imperative that we catch it early on so that we can treat it.

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