What Happens After You’re Diagnosed with Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is an eye disease affecting the optic nerve. In most cases, there is a buildup of fluid in the front of the eye. The increasing pressure of that fluid results in damage to the optic nerve.  It is most often detected during a comprehensive annual exam in which the pressure of your eye is measured as well as an exam by the eye doctor. Glaucoma has no cure. Receiving the diagnosis may be very frightening to you and your family, but if you are or have been diagnosed with glaucoma, our team is here to help you learn how to live with it, how to reduce the damage to your optic nerve, and how to prepare for diminished vision.

Everyone Is at Risk for Glaucoma

Anyone of any age can be diagnosed with glaucoma, which is why annual eye exams are so important. When caught early, damage to the optic nerve can be minimized. Treatment can begin early to reduce pressure on the eye.

Glaucoma Can Cause Blindness If Left Untreated

Most people who receive treatment for glaucoma – especially those who catch it early – can minimize sight loss to some degree. Unfortunately, even with treatment, about a tenth of the patients diagnosed with glaucoma will eventually lose their sight.

Vision Lost from Glaucoma Cannot Be Recovered

Once glaucoma is diagnosed, there are treatments available to help minimize the pressure and prevent additional sight loss, but there is no way to improve sight that has already been lost.

Glaucoma Can Show No Symptoms

Glaucoma can show no symptoms until you begin to notice a decrease in your peripheral vision, by which point you’ve already experienced a significant loss of sight. That is why the teams at our two Wilkinson Eye Center locations urge you to have regular, comprehensive eye exams. Without the eye exams, glaucoma can do significant damage before being detected.

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