What Is a Chalazion?

Close up right upper eyelid abscess.At Wilkinson Eye Center, we provide a wide selection of services to patients in and around the communities of Clarkston and Pontiac, MI. This includes the diagnosis and treatment of conditions such as chalazions. These bumps that can develop on the eyes can be uncomfortable and problematic for patients, but with a proper diagnosis and a treatment plan, they can often be addressed with or without the assistance of our experienced providers.

What Is a Chalazion?

A chalazion is a small, hard lump that develops in the upper or lower eyelid when the tiny oil-producing glands become blocked and inflamed. They are quite common and benign but can be bothersome and cause discomfort or blurry vision if they get too large. Chalazions start off as tiny bumps on the eyelid, but over time, it can become a larger bump filled with white blood cells, debris, and inflammatory fluid.

What Can I Do if I Have a Chalazion?

Treatment for a chalazion may also vary depending on its size and location, so it is best to seek medical advice from an eye care professional at Wilkinson Eye Center to discuss your options further. Typically, treatment for chalazion often involves self-care at home, such as warm compresses to reduce inflammation or gentle massage of the area to help unclog the blocked gland. If these methods don’t work, your eye doctor might recommend prescription steroid injections or the surgical removal of the chalazion. In general, most chalazions can be successfully managed at home with simple self-care and don’t require any medical intervention.

What Should I Do if I Cannot Address the Chalazion on My Own?

It is vital that you call Wilkinson Eye Center and see an eye doctor if the chalazion does not go away on its own after several weeks of self-care or if it causes pain or blurry vision. If you have any questions regarding your chalazion, please contact your eye doctor as soon as possible for a definitive diagnosis and to learn about doctor-led treatment options available. Wilkinson Eye Center has two office locations in Pontiac and Clarkston, MI, and can be reached to make an appointment at either practice by calling 248-334-4931.

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