What to Do About Itching Eyes

Eye Care | Pontiac, MISpring is just around the corner which means that allergies may be taking over your life— leaving you with eyes that look more like tomatoes than anything. If you are experiencing really itchy eyes, you may be tempted to reach for a bottlebrush to find some relief, but before you do anything crazy, we have a few tips that are much safer. Let’s take a closer look.


Try Eye Drops

Sometimes, allergies can make your eyes really dry which may make them feel even worse. To help ease any of the discomfort, get some over-the-counter artificial tears to lubricate them. By adding an extra layer of moisture to your eyes, you can help to soothe them and hopefully kick that itchiness to the curb.

Warm Washcloths

If you have been rubbing your eyes a lot because they are itchy, then they may be more iriated than anything. To help calm them down, try placing some warm washcloths over them. The warm, damp combination will help to calm down any inflammation and sooth your eyes so that they feel better.

Watch What You Put On Them

If you wear a lot of eye makeup or contacts, consider giving your eyes a break from these until the itching calms down. Sometimes, when you combine allergies with eye makeup or contact lenses, it can make things even worse. Try to ditch the eye makeup and wear your regular glasses for the next few days and see if you can find some relief.

Itchy eyes aren’t something that are uncommon this time of year. With more and more pollen filling the air as spring arrives, your eyes may become even more red, itchy, and irritated. If, however, you think that the itchiness is caused by more than allergies, then contact our Pontiac or Clarkston offices and schedule an eye examination today at (248) 334-4931.

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