Why You Should Get Prescription Reading Glasses

In nearly every pharmacy and most discount stores, you can buy reading glasses off a rack. These glasses are nothing more than simple magnifying glasses in frames, and while they may improve your ability to read and see close up, there is no comparison between an off-the-rack pair of reading glasses and a pair of prescription reading glasses.

What Are Reading Glasses?

Reading glasses are glasses used to treat farsightedness. Most farsightedness is age related, impairing your ability to read, perform detailed work like sewing or accounting. Most people over the age of 40 begin to experience some farsightedness. If you already wear glasses, your optometrist may suggest bifocals, but for people without other vision problems, it’s easy to believe that a pair of glasses off the rack are adequate.

The Wrong Lens Strength Can Cause Headaches and Eye Strain

When you buy over-the-counter reading glasses, you are forced to guess about the strength you need. Most people opt for a higher strength than they actually need, which can cause them to experience unnecessary eye strain and can even cause headaches. In addition, the quality of the lenses is lower than the lens quality you would obtain through a prescription. The other complication of purchasing reading glasses over the counter is that the lens strength is the same for both eyes. It’s rare that both eyes have the exact same prescription, whether you’re treating farsightedness or nearsightedness. When you get prescription reading glasses, the prescription can be customized for each lens and specific to each eye’s need.

Benefits of the Exam Go Beyond the Prescription

Having a comprehensive eye exam is essential for maintaining eye health. Your eye doctor doesn’t just write a prescription to help you see better; he also examines your eyes for signs of glaucoma, macular degeneration, and other conditions that can lead to loss of eyesight. An eye exam can even detect diabetes, tumors, and high blood pressure.

If you need reading glasses, skip buying the pair at your local store and make an appointment. We are dedicated to providing a quality experience from the appointment scheduling through the examination. Our reception and billing staff will help navigate the complexities of your insurance benefits and our optical shop can fill your prescriptions for glasses and contact lenses.

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