You May be Ready for Summer, but are your Eyes?

eye care for summerWith every passing day, summer’s approach is becoming more evident. While this brings with it a number of advantage (banana split, anyone?), summertime is also a season in which your peepers may need a bit of extra care. Here, we will look at three important aspects of summer eye care

Sun Protection: It’s not just for your Skin

Fortunately, the importance of skin care has become increasingly evident in recent years, and most people apply sunscreen before heading out to a sunny location. You may be very happy that you can prevent a nasty sunburn on your skin, but did you know that your eyes may also get burned by the sun? UV exposure can cause what is called a corneal burn and, although temporary, this condition can be quite uncomfortable. This exposure is also associated with an increased risk for cataracts and for macular degeneration, which occur years after all that time in the sun. Keeping the eyes protected pays off now as well as in the future.

Pool Time is a Great Time to Protect your Eyes

Swimming is a favorite summertime activity for many children, and adults; but pool water contains chemicals, and those chemicals can irritate your eyes. Discomfort, and time away from the water, may be avoided by wearing swimming goggles that fit securely and comfortably.

Pool water also has a negative effect on contact lenses. Swimming underwater creates pressure in the eyes, which can lead to the loss of contact lenses. An additional danger to contacts is the presence of bacteria in water. Should these microorganisms get beneath the contact lens, infection may occur. Prescription goggles may be obtained for those who love to swim.


The entire body relies on adequate hydration for proper function. This need increases as the weather heats up. Because dry eye syndrome may occur or become worse when the mercury rises, the use of artificial tears may be necessary.

During the summer, when your schedule may become lighter and more carefree, you may have the time you need to sit back and relax. This is a great opportunity to schedule your family’s eye exams at Wilkinson Eye Center. Call (248) 334-4931.

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