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Taking the Age Out of Your Eyes

At Wilkinson Eye Center, you may think of us as the eye experts in Oakland County. Eye exams, cataract surgery, diabetic eye care, dry eye treatment, and anything else to do with the health of your eyes and the quality of your vision.  But how about the appearance of your eyelids? Well, we can help […]

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More About Glaucoma

In August’s first blog we got into some basics about glaucoma, the vision-stealing disease that can sneak up on a person, causing vision loss before you have any symptoms or signs.  In this second blog, let’s get into more detail, including surgeries we may use at Wilkinson Eye Center to treat a patient’s glaucoma.  What […]

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What is Glaucoma?

When we perform regular eye exams at our two Wilkinson Eye Center locations, they include the test where we deliver a puff of air onto the lens of your eye. Not a gust of wind, as you could expect when sailing out on Lake Huron, but enough so that we can test the eye’s resistance.  […]

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More Eyeglass Lens Options for Your New Eyeglasses

In July’s first blog we delved into some of the new lens options available to put in all of the great designer eyeglass frames we offer in our optical shops in our Pontiac and Clarkston locations. Truth is, there’s so much cool technology in our lenses these days we need a second blog to cover […]

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What’s New in Eyeglasses?

At Wilkinson Eye Center, your eyes are all we focus on, pardon the pun. Part of that focus is our extensive selection of designer frames in our Optical Shop in our two locations in Pontiac and Clarkston.  Since none of us has been able to spend much money going out or traveling during this past […]

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Intraocular Lens Options

In June’s first blog, we addressed some general information about the development of cataracts, a nearly universal condition among humans as they age. Once a person develops a cataract, there isn’t any way to reverse or “cure” the problem. The cloudy natural lens needs to be surgically removed and replaced with an artificial intraocular lens […]

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Replacing Those Cloudy Lenses — Cataract Surgery

There are few issues with our health that are almost universal throughout the population, but two of these occur with our eyes and vision. One is presbyopia, where the lenses in our eyes become less flexible after the age of 40, making it harder and harder to focus on up-close vision such as reading. Presbyopia […]

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How Developed Are Your Cataracts?

The development of cataracts, the eye disease in which the clear lens of the eye becomes cloudy or opaque, is quite common. By the age of 65, over 90 percent of people have a cataract. Half of the people between the ages of 75 and 85 have lost some vision due to a cataract.  Fortunately, […]

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Look to Fish to Help Your Dry Eye

In Pontiac and Michigan in general we’re not strangers to humidity, we don’t usually think of things being dry. But at Wilkinson Eye Center, we have many patients with dry eye, a condition where the eyes aren’t sufficiently lubricated. While we treat dry eye with simple solutions such as artificial tears or more complex options […]

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What Are Those Squiggly Things in My Vision?

You’re over at Port Austin enjoying an expansive view of Lake Huron backed by a clear blue sky. But when you pull your focus off the distant sky, you notice squiggly lines, spots, or cobwebs floating about seemingly in front of your eyes. You’ve seen them before, but in the back of your mind you’ve […]

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