Food for eye health and good eyesight

Better Vision through Better Eating

There is one universal truth with every American Mom talking about a certain food and the eyesight of her children. There you were pushing your mushy, overcooked carrots around your plate trying to stall enough to not have to eat them. To which your mom said, “You better eat those carrots, or your eyes will […]

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Young man putting in contact lenses near mirror

No Sleeping in Your Contacts

Today’s soft contact lenses are quite remarkable little devices. They can correct for wide-ranging refractive errors; they can even correct for astigmatism. And they’re so comfortable we often forget we even have them in. That comfort also creates problems, however. Wearers sometimes wear their soft lenses to sleep, in the pool, or even taking a […]

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happy in love hugs and having fun, stylish sunglasses

What Do Polarized Sunglasses Do?

In our Optical Shop at both Wilkinson Eye Center locations, we have all sorts of eyeglasses and prescription and non-prescription sunglasses for you to choose from. One option is “polarized” sunglasses. Patients often wonder what the benefit of polarization is for lenses, so if you’re looking for a last-minute gift of polarized sunglasses for someone […]

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More About Changes in Your Vision

In November’s first Wilkinson blog we helped parents stop worrying about vision changes in their children’s eyes when they’re young. Their eyes are growing and changing just like their bodies are.  In this second blog while we’re still full from Thanksgiving dinner, let’s get into vision changes that merit attention.  Two conditions that impact vision  […]

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Changes in Vision Quality

As parents, it seems we’re always worried about something. One of those areas is their eyesight. Children can experience some rather dramatic vision changes as they develop. Most of these are normal, but some need to be watched.  For these two late fall blogs let’s address changes in vision for both children and adults and […]

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Close-up of a Pterygium or surfer's eye which is the growth of the conjunctiva or mucous membrane covering the white part of of the eye over the cornea - Large Image of eye examination

The Sun, the Sand, the Pterygium

People who spend a lot of time outdoors, especially out on the beautiful lakes and rivers everywhere in the Great Lake State, can sometimes develop an eye condition known as pterygium. It involves the growth of pink, fleshy tissue on the conjunctiva (white part of the eye), usually on the side toward the nose. The […]

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Medical eyeglass prescription with parameters, glases and contact lens container on yellow background

How to Make Sense Out of Your Eyeglass Prescription

OK, you just had your eye exam at one of our two Wilkinson Eye Center locations and now you have a prescription for eyeglasses. Of course, your best bet would be to take it right over to our optical shop right in our offices where we have all the latest frames, one sure to be […]

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Young woman touching her face

Recovering from Eyelid Surgery

Every year blepharoplasty, the clinical term for eyelid surgery, is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the world. It doesn’t take much to figure out why — it is remarkably effective in making the patient’s face look 10 years younger, although not in a showy, obvious way.  In this month’s first blog, we […]

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Anti aging eye cream. Young Beautiful model posing aginst pink background with applyed cream under her eyes

Taking the Age Out of Your Eyes

At Wilkinson Eye Center, you may think of us as the eye experts in Oakland County. Eye exams, cataract surgery, diabetic eye care, dry eye treatment, and anything else to do with the health of your eyes and the quality of your vision.  But how about the appearance of your eyelids? Well, we can help […]

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Portrait of a Senior hiker standing next to the mountain creek

More About Glaucoma

In August’s first blog we got into some basics about glaucoma, the vision-stealing disease that can sneak up on a person, causing vision loss before you have any symptoms or signs.  In this second blog, let’s get into more detail, including surgeries we may use at Wilkinson Eye Center to treat a patient’s glaucoma.  What […]

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